• Engbert Hofstee

    Engbert Hofstee

    Contemplative, open and ‘to the point’
  • Hans Offerman

    Hans Offerman

    Open-minded and easy going, combines ATM knowledge with entrepreneurship
  • Henk Waltman

    Henk Waltman

    A passionate, former air traffic controller and eager to tackle complex tasks
  • Michel Koeslag

    Michel Koeslag

    Experienced project manager with a passion for air traffic management
  • Tom Nooij

    Tom Nooij

    Outstanding knowledge of air traffic control at regional airports
  • Fredrik Eriksson

    Fredrik Eriksson

    Keen insight into the performance of the ATM operation and organization
  • Miranda Ruis

    Miranda Ruis

    Full of energy and eager to apply her technical expertise in the ATM field
  • Tom Verboon

    Tom Verboon

    Strongly motivated to seeking effective engineering solutions to ATM challenges
  • Esther Lap

    Esther Lap

    Enthusiastic, all-round and passionate about aviation
  • Nienke Jester

    Nienke Jester

    Passionate about air transport safety
  • Esther van Westing

    Esther van Westing

    Endearing, patient, solution-oriented and pragmatic
  • Rik Salemink

    Rik Salemink

    Able to efficiently organize, cooperate, and handle industry complexity
  • Justin The

    Justin The

    Integrating analytical skills and creative thinking
  • Alejandra Hertfelder

    Alejandra Hertfelder

    Curious, exploring, driven and creative
  • Martin Beringer

    Martin Beringer

    A sharp mind for understanding complex ATC operation and management processes
  • Cornel van Ravenswaaij

    Cornel van Ravenswaaij

    Serious, quality-minded, analytical and a team player with a broad mindset
  • Hans de Mol

    Hans de Mol

    Hans is a former Schiphol TWR/APP Unit Manager, projecting natural authority.
  • Bram Schouten

    Bram Schouten

    Bram is social, steadfast, persuasive, communicative and a strong team player.
  • Olaf van der Lans

    Olaf van der Lans

    Olaf brings strong technical and analytical insights. He is flexible and a true team player.
  • Stewart Brown

    Stewart Brown

    A natural multi-tasker, dynamic, prone for details, a communicator and connecting people
  • Rolf Ludeke

    Rolf Ludeke

    Modest, social and excellent operational and practical skills in Air Traffic Control