We are experienced in designing publication-ready procedures & charts.

MovingDot has a team of four certified Flight Procedure Designers (PANS-OPS experts), two AIS/AIM specialists and several operational experts (air traffic controllers and pilots). With this team we provide a wide range of services in the airspace and flight procedure domain. This varies from development of new routes and airspace structures, including aeronautical charts, to aeronautical studies and implementation advice.

MovingDot’s design & development processes ensure fully ICAO Doc 9906 compliant products. Our experts have a thorough knowledge of relevant standards (ICAO Annex 14, 15, Doc 8168, Doc 10066, etc.) and are trained on PDToolkit and FPDAM design software packages.

To provide publication-ready SIDs, STARs or approaches, our PANS-OPS experts work in teams of at least two to perform an independent peer review as part of the ground validation. On a project basis, we work together with experienced international partners specialized in ground & flight validation. Our AIS experts / cartographers provide ICAO Annex 4, Annex 15 compliant aeronautical charts which are ready for publication in any (e)AIP.

Our track record related to flight procedure design includes, amongst others, the following projects:

  • Design of RNP approaches for Amsterdam Schiphol and Maastricht Aachen airports
  • Development of new operational concept with deconflicted SIDs & STARs and new VFR procedures for Queen Beatrix International Airport – Aruba
  • Update of aerodrome charts for Queen Beatrix International Airport – Aruba
  • Design support for the Dutch ANSP -LVNL- flight procedure design department, for example RNP-AR and Advanced RNP feasibility studies and development of noise abatement arrivals & departures
  • Helicopter Point-in-Space (PinS) implementation in The Netherlands – feasibility study
  • VSS assessment for Taiwan CAA

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Some example projects