Human performance is an essential backbone of the ATM system – now and in the future.

Adequate performance of operational personnel and staffing of the ATM system is essential to safe 24/7 operation, for resilience in complex or unpredictable circumstances and in new operational concepts. It is the people who provide operational flexibility and resilience in the ATM system and therewith make it work. People need to be capable and competent to perform their job; functions and tasks need to be operable; people need to be fit for duty; and work needs to be organised efficiently and effectively.

Human performance refers to the adequate performance of jobs, tasks and activities by operational personnel – individually and together. As a domain, human performance focuses on optimising the human dimension in the complex, dynamic and sociotechnical system of air traffic management – now and in the future.

MovingDot’s Human Performance Services

MovingDot’s consultants have a profound understanding of the operational functions and tasks as well as the human performance strengths and challenges in current and future ATM. MovingDot assists you with addressing a variety of issues with respect to the human dimension in the ATM system. MovingDot’s main Human Performance Services are:

  • Human Performance Management Consultancy
  • Fatigue Risk Management Consultancy
  • Operational Workability Advice

Moreover, with MovingDot’s multidisciplinary team expertise and experience, our Human Performance Services are leveraged. By incorporating a safety, operational, technical and/or airspace design perspective in addition to our human performance expertise, the human is approached as an integral part of the ATM system.

What will the perspective of Human Performance in ATM bring you?

  • Integral and cross-organisational approach to the human dimension in the ATM system.
  • Compliance with ICAO and EASA regulation and recommended practices.
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of training processes, rostering processes and ATM system change processes tailored to your operational environment.
  • Consideration of human performance as integral part of your safety management processes.
  • Operational functions, tasks, work processes and competency profiles seamlessly suiting the (changing) operational concept, maximising productivity, and ATM performance.
  • Optimal human performance by ensuring operational workability of the ATM system and adequate proficiency, alertness and healthy working conditions for operational staff.
  • Resilience and robustness in your operation and ATM system by addressing human performance.
  • Fostering a safety culture within your operation.

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