Approachable, energetic, and always keeping a broad perspective.

As a small child, Leonardo’s parents used to bring him to Frankfurt International Airport to watch planes fly by to calm him down. Is this the early trigger of his interest in aviation? We may never know, but what is certain is that the passion is there. Every piece of metal flying with a fixed wing or rotor has always caught his attention, and at MovingDot Leo is eager to put this into professional practice.

With a bachelor’s in business administration and a master’s in marketing management, Leo has had many bouts in the consumer goods world and experience in shaping the brand image of companies large and small. At MovingDot he plans to do just that bringing in a consumer-driven perspective, while at the same time embarking on the journey to become an Air Traffic Management expert.

When he is not busy in ATM matters, Leo likes to travel back to his countries of origin Italy and Germany for a hike or a ski weekend. At home in the flatter Netherlands he prefers a tennis match or a more tranquil trip to the cinema, where you can find him almost weekly.