Our safety management services:

man in green safety vest standing under white structure

Using International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) safety management principles as a foundation, MovingDot’s consultants leverage both their own and customer’s skills, knowledge, and experience to develop a tailored safety strategy.MovingDot’s approach aligns with your existing safety management components and the development needs of your organization. All our supporting material is fully compliant with the standards and recommendations in ICAO Annex 19 (Safety Management) and Doc 9859 (Safety Management Manual). We can also help you in structuring the process for significant changes of your airspace and route structure, operational procedures and technical ATM systems.

We offer various services and products to support or develop your safety management system, namely: 

  • Implementation of regulations
  • Safety Management System (SMS) design and implementation assistance
  • SMS configurator
  • Safety assessments
  • Compliance