Helicopter operations

In the Netherlands alone, there are some 60 heliports, with the majority operated commercially and run by the healthcare sector (hospitals). MovingDot’s expertise regarding helicopter operations covers a wide range of know-how and experience. To operate safely, the heliports must be up to date with regard to strict legislation, regulations and procedures, which are enforced by local as well as national authorities. MovingDot has experience with all these aspects and successfully supports customers in managing all requirements, both for surface-level and elevated heliports alike. All relevant factors are examined in our multi-disciplinary approach, with safety, helicopter-pilot’s perspective and human performance considered as an integral part of our views and approach on helicopter operations.

Heliport infrastructure

MovingDot is specialised in the infrastructural requirements to design, improve or relocate a heliport, herewith considering the required layout with all technical facilities and preconditions to operate (lighting, indication, protection of unauthorized individuals, accessibility etc.). Our knowledge and experience enable us to provide the heliport operator with a thorough compliance check of the heliport, support the operation as well as assess maintenance responsibilities.

Helicopter operational aspects

For helicopter operations, MovingDot focusses on the procedural and regulatory side of operating a heliport, i.e. airspace related requirements addressing the touchdown and liftoff area (TLOF), the final approach and takeoff area (FATO) and the safety areas. Also, characteristics of the helicopters that will be using the heliport such as performance specifications, weight category, operational purpose of use etc., are examined.

Obstacle safeguarding

The application of ICAO Annex 14 Volume II is a prerequisite to assessing the location and size of the required obstacle limitation surfaces, which enable the helicopters using the heliport to stay sufficiently clear of all relevant obstacles in the environment of the heliport. MovingDot has applied this knowledge extensively in various settings and circumstances and for all sorts of operations ranging from helicopter training sites to medical assistance operations under VMC and IMC.

Flight procedure design

For instrument approach and departure flight procedures, we offer point-in-space (PinS) flight procedure designs developed with the necessary support tooling to ensure development of compliant, safe and efficient instrument flight procedures for helicopters.

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Aeronautical study

Often a feasibility assessment is required of an envisaged change or the emergence of new obstacles which may hamper the helicopter operations. MovingDot has delivered several aeronautical studies, combining our flight procedure design knowledge with our safety assessment experience. This resulted in a solid multi-disciplinary advice on the various potential scenarios for tackling the envisaged change, improvement or continuation of safe operations. The resulting report supports the dialogue with the authorities in obtaining all required approvals and permits.

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