At MovingDot we believe it is crucial to co-operate for many reasons, and we have several partners that we have worked with in the past and expect to work with in the future. These partnerships strengthen and broaden the services that we can offer to our customers. Our most important partners are listed below.

Adecs Airinfra

Adecs Airinfra offers over 20 years of experience in consultancy and IT solutions to support airports with their development and improve airport efficiency.


The international expert on transportation systems of today and tomorrow in the markets of Aerospace, Defence, Rail and Maritime.


From Operational Concepts to working solutions.

KDC Mainport Schiphol

In the KDC the Dutch aviation partners provide a platform for research and development partners to innovate Dutch aviation


PVS offers consultancy, flight procedure design, flight validation and training. Together they share 50 years of experience in this working area.