Workload management is about managing complexity of the operation and ensuring optimal human performance and working position staffing in the ATM system.

Complexity in the ATM system is inherent in the ATM system and will cease to exist. Consideration of a workload perspective in the operation and new ATM concepts is essential to ensure ATM is safe and operable. Adequate management of workload within ATM is key to ensure safety, operational staffing, resilience and human performance at optimal levels.

Enhance safety by pro-actively ensuring optimal workload levels

Ensure that working position staffing is tailored to expected workload

Create robustness by integrating workload in strategic, pre-tactical and tactical ATM

Human Performance
 Provide operational personnel with insight and proper strategies to individually manage workload

Management of workload is needed at all levels within the ATM system.

In ATM, workload fluctuates with traffic volume and is created by complexity of operational concepts, airspace structure, operational procedures and systems in place. At the same time, complex situations, disruptions and unpredictable events can temporarily create additional workload and quiet working positions or time periods can lead to underload. And although operational personnel are trained in effective strategies to manage workload personally, it is the decisions in working position staffing, capacity and flow management processes and the complexity and configuration of the ATM system that strongly influence workload experienced by operational personnel.

Thus, workload is determined by multiple factors and to manage this properly and pro-actively, an integral approach to workload management is essential. This way it is possible to make informed decisions in working position staffing, in ATM design and development and in capacity- and flow management processes.

What can MovingDot do for you?

MovingDot can assist ANSPs with addressing and integrating workload management in your ATM operation. MovingDot consultants provide you pragmatic advice and help you create insight in the factors determining complexity and how to pro-actively balance and manage workload to ensure optimal human performance.

Moreover, with MovingDot’s multidisciplinary team expertise and experience, our Human Performance Services are leveraged. By incorporating a safety, operational, technical and/or airspace design perspective in addition to our human performance expertise, workload management is approached as an integral part of the ATM system.

Workload Management Topics in which our MovingDot consultants can help you are:

  • Analysis of complexity and workload in your operation, using our proven systematic and pragmatic methodology
  • Advice in the complexity and workload challenges within your ATM system
  • Identification of mitigating strategies to balance workload within your ATM system
  • Develop and integrate workload management in your operation, capacity management and flow management processes
  • Integrate the perspective of workload and complexity in concepts of operation, airspace redesign and safety risk cases
  • Develop and integrate workload modelling tailored to the operational units in your ATM system to monitor workload and support operational decision making
  • Identify best practices in workload management used in your operation
  • Provide masterclasses/workshops on complexity and workload in ATM or workload management strategies for operations or ANSP staff

Example projects

Example projects in which our MovingDot consultants have helped ANSPs in the management of workload and complexity include, but are not limited to:

  • Development of a working position staffing plan for all units at a medium-sized ANSP, tailored to workload fluctuations in the ATM system
  • Development of a workload management model for Ground Control
  • Study and advice on the improvement of the distribution of workload between Ground Controllers
  • Training on complexity and workload in ATM as part of a training on human factors in ATM for a CAA and ANSP

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