Enthusiastic, all-round and passionate about aviation.

Esther is enthusiastic, efficient, full of smiles and result oriented. As a private pilot and her degree from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Aviation Studies – Management, Esther adds key skills to the MovingDot team. She is an all-round team member and actively involved in diverse MovingDot projects.

Esther’s experience ranges from performing research on the changes in procedures and processes that are necessary for the co-location of civil and military air traffic control to the development of the ATM processes. This includes supporting corresponding compliance monitoring. She also was involved in supporting Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) in their air traffic controllers selection process. Additionally, she provided support to the aviation department of KNMI during a 6 months period.

Esther’s positive and open attitude allows her to skillfully gather required information and effectively communicate successful ways forward. Her profound social skills make her a natural team player.