Passionate professional bridging the gap between policy and aviation operations

Rudy is a driven ATM professional who operates with energy, humor and tact. He stands for state-of-the-art air traffic management. He has devoted himself with great passion from his first step at Air Traffic Control The Netherlands and later as deputy director of the Dutch Airspace Redesign Program and he now does this for and with MovingDot’s customers. He has experience as a GA pilot (CPL/IR) and has fulfilled various roles at LVNL and the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management, from airspace expert and project leader via department head and program manager to strategic advisor for CEOs and ministers.

“Aviation brings many benefits, but also has a price in terms of living environment and climate. Excellent air traffic management makes it possible to make that price as low as possible: safe, efficient and with the lowest possible impact on climate and environment. I want to help the airports, air traffic control services, airlines, governments and all other parties involved in this.”

Rudy works like everyone else at MovingDot: straightforward, honest and reliable, with a heart for both the business and the people. He has too many hobbies: running and bootcamping, backpack camping, table top role playing games, art and cultural history, motorcycling and reading.