Calm, analytical, ‘loose’ but driven and likes to get things done.

He thinks it is important to see the larger connection in changes. The effect of changes on people and the search for appropriate support.

He switched from the Airforce to the RLD, which became the LVNL. Went to Schiphol via Maastricht/Aachen airport as a start-up and ground controller. In addition, He has been an operational expert at System Development and Integration (SDI) for more than 15 years. Involved in the changes of the tower system as an expert between the programmer and the user. In addition to many other projects, he was closely involved in the implementation of Collabrative Decision Making (CDM) and the associated planning systems. He has also made rosters and repayment schedules for the group of ground controllers at Schiphol for many years. Taking into account people and whether the occupancy still matches the traffic pressure.

Ron likes to travel to discover new places. He is also sporty, swims, cycles and walks, preferably in the mountains. He plays the guitar and has a passion for music.