We redesigned the SIDs & STARs at Queen Beatrix International Airport – Aruba

Within the Beatrix CTR, there were more departure and arrival routes than needed to service the traffic at TNCA. The redesign of current SIDs and STARs at TNCA was aimed at deconflicting routes, improving the vertical flight profiles on these routes and reducing the complexity of the operational ATM concept. The new designs for SIDs and STARS at TNCA were published in the Dutch Caribbean AIP.

VFR procedures
Approximately 15% of the traffic in TNCA operates as VFR. With no prescribed VFR procedures, the situation results in traffic coming from all directions at very different altitudes, which increases the complexity of the airspace and the controllers’ workload. VFR procedures were designed and published for TNCA in the Dutch Caribbean AIP.