On 14 July 2022, Maastricht Aachen Airport (EHBK) completed the list of controlled civil aerodromes in the Netherlands that implemented RNP approaches (RNP APCH). The new flight procedures enable decommissioning of conventional beacons. MovingDot experts have been actively involved in the flight procedure and ATC design as well as project management.

With the implementation of the Dutch PBN Roadmap, Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) is gradually implementing performance based navigation (PBN) procedures in their air traffic management (ATM) system and decommissioning radio beacons like VORs and NDBs while creating a Minimum Operational Network (MON) based on 4 VORs (MAS, EEL, RTM and SPL) as a back-up for GNSS.

To enable the decommissioning of locator NW at EHBK, the NDB approaches will need to be removed. The NDB approaches currently serve as a backup to the primary ILS operation. For RWY 21, an RNP APCH has been implemented and the NDB approach has been removed, with the AIRAC 14 JUL 22. Next step is the implementation of RNP APCH RWY 03. The proposed procedure requires collaboration with skeyes, which is currently taking place. Meanwhile, the NDB approach to RWY 03 and locator NW will remain operational.

The flight procedures have been adapted for the transition towards PBN and the removal of locator NW, by defining a waypoint -NOWIK- which is located at the same position as locator NW and using this new five letter name code in the applicable charts and procedures. Additionally, in response to requests from local residents, standard arrival routes (STARs) based on RNAV 1 navigation specification have been implemented for each runway, enabling continuous descent operations (CDOs).

MovingDot has done a great job in the project so far. And I am happy that they will continue to contribute to this project and enable the completion of the MON and PBN at EHBK including the phase out of locator NW.

Armand Jongen, Programme Manager Airspace at LVNL