The Minimum Operational Network (MON) is aimed at reducing the number of conventional navaids, required as a backup infrastructure and contingency resource in the case of GNSS outage, to a minimum. In the Netherlands this program started several years ago with phasing out the first set of navaids in May 2019, while the rest of the navaids in the Amsterdam FIR are being progressively taken out of service in the 2019-2022 timeframe.

In August 2021, it was the turn of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (EHAM), where the NDB locators (CH, NV, OA) and the VORs (AMS, PAM, SPY) were decommissioned. All ILS and DME stations continue to operate; and four VOR/DMEs in the whole country are retained as a fallback and resilience network to manage the impact of GNSS outages (to be able to provide DME/DME coverage): SPL, RTM, EEL and MAS.

In parallel, RNP APCH procedures to five runway ends (RWY 04, 09, 18R, 27 and 36C) have also been designed by MovingDot flight procedure designers This is the last of three projects that together establish RNP approaches to all (10) runway ends at EHAM. The five runway ends are provided with LNAV, LNAV/VNAV and LPV-200 minima.

Since August 2021, no conventional arrival or departure procedures are operational in the Schiphol Terminal Area (TMA), only RNAV 1/RNP SIDs and STARs are implemented. For daytime approaches, ILS will remain as the main approach procedure but RNP approach procedures are now available for all runway ends.

MovingDot FPD expertise: our added value
MovingDot has contributed to this project with its FPD and safety expertise, working hand in hand with our LVNL colleagues. This project is just the latest milestone achieved in the field of PBN implementation, following the national PBN Roadmap. Our expertise dates back to the first RNP Approach implemented in the Netherlands for EHAM RWY 22 (implemented in March 2018). Since then, MovingDot has been actively involved in the different work packages that are about to complete the full implementation of Dutch PBN procedures.

MovingDot has a team of certified Flight Procedure Designers (PANS-OPS experts), AIS/AIM specialists and operational experts. With this team, supported by other MovingDot experts in airspace design, safety, ATM and data analysis, we provide a wide range of services in the airspace and flight procedure domain.

MovingDot’s design & development processes ensure fully ICAO Doc 9906 compliant products. Our experts have a thorough knowledge of relevant standards combined with experience, professionalism and pragmatism that you can only find at MovingDot.

We are there to support you in rationalising your navigation infrastructure and implementing PBN procedures in your airspace!