Human performance is an essential backbone of the ATM system, as it is the people who provide operational flexibility and resilience in the ATM system and therewith make it work. Adequate performance of operational personnel and staffing of the ATM system is essential to safe 24/7 operation, in unforeseen or unpredictable circumstances and in new operational concepts. Although the role of the human in the ATM system will evolve with the ATM system incrementally growing towards a more predictable and planned operations and with increasing technology and airspace modernisation, human performance remains vital.

People need to be capable and competent to perform their job; functions and tasks need to be operable; people need to be fit for duty; and work needs to be organised efficiently and effectively. MovingDot believes human performance management in ATM is crucial. Both to ensure operational safety and efficiency in ATM as well as to establish effective organisational processes in compliance with regulation and in line with ANSP business goals.

MovingDot Human Performance capabilities

MovingDot’s consultants have a profound understanding of the operational functions and tasks as well as the human performance strengths and challenges in current and future ATM. In addition, MovingDot has extensive experience with ANSP business processes and policies which are essential to sustainable and efficient management of human performance. As an active member of CANSO’s Human Performance Management Working Group, MovingDot contributes to establishing a pragmatic approach and roadmap for ANSPs and has a broad and state-of-the art view on best practices and challenges in the domain of human performance in the ATM sector.

Moreover, with MovingDot’s multidisciplinary team expertise and experience, our Human Performance Services are leveraged. E.g. by incorporating a safety, operational, technical and/or airspace design perspective in addition to our human performance expertise, the human is approached as an integral part of the ATM system.

MovingDot Human Performance approach and vision

Our guiding principle is to manage complexity of the operation in the current and future ATM system from a human perspective, to ensure optimal human performance not only in current and future ATM system but also during the transition to new operational concepts. Moreover, we strongly believe that pro-active alignment of business processes (e.g.  rostering, planning, training, workload management) with requirements and operational needs is vital for any ANSP. It has to be able to staff the ATM system efficiently and effectively with qualified and proficient operational workforce.   The basis for our services is a systematic and integral approach, where we consider human performance from different perspectives (i.e., human-technology-procedures-processes) and different contexts (i.e., operational, organisational, regulatory). To develop advice and solutions that best suit your operational and organisational environment and needs, MovingDot actively involves operational and organisational stakeholders in the development and decision process.

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Human Performance Services

MovingDot assists you with addressing a variety of issues with respect to the human dimension in the ATM system. In this, our services range from vision, strategy and roadmap development of the (future) ATM workforce, to analysis and evaluation, to advice and solutions tailored to your specific operation and organisation. Core areas in which we provide Human Performance Services are:

Operational fuctions and work processes

Human Performance and workload management in complex and unpredictable situations

Fatigue Risk Management & Rostering

Human Performance in new/changing ATM concepts and technology

Proficiency Management