PBN (Performance-based navigation) is defined as area navigation based on performance requirements for aircraft operating along an ATS route, on an instrument approach procedure or in a designated airspace. In Europe, PBN implementation is a key enabler for increasing efficiency, reducing environmental impact, increasing capacity and improvement airport access.

The PBN concept represents a shift from conventional navigation (sensor-based) to area navigation (performance-based navigation based on different criteria for accuracy, integrity, availability, continuity and functionality). ICAO has drafted standards and implementation guidance for PBN procedures in the ICAO Doc 9613 “PBN Manual”.

In accordance with the ICAO strategy (Assembly Resolution 37-11: PBN global goals), EU regulatory provisions require that ANSPs implement RNAV and RNP procedures in Member States of the European Union and in those States where European ANSP/ATSP provide a service. The regulation that defines these requirements is the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/1048, known as the PBN IR supplemented by Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material through EASA ED Decision 2018/013/R.

In this context, MovingDot has been actively involved in several projects related to the implementation of PBN procedures, from the design of the new RNP/RNAV flight procedures to the provision of the PBN roadmap for the Netherlands for the next 10 years.

Every airspace related project, for which PBN is not an exception, has an ATC component and our portfolio proves the successful implementation of different PBN projects, which includes the following recent projects:

  • PBN roadmap for the Netherlands 2020-2030
  • Design of RNP approaches for Amsterdam Schiphol and Maastricht Aachen airports
  • PBN Training for Air Traffic Controllers

Would you like to know more? Contact our PBN expert Sigmund Lentze (sigmund.lentze@movingdot.nl)

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