Consideration of the human perspective in the operation and new ATM concepts is essential to ensure ATM is operable, resilient and safe

Human performance is and remains vital in the ATM system, even if the ATM is incrementally growing towards more predictable and planned operation, with advanced decision support tools, automation and digitalisation. The role of the human in the ATM system will change, but at the same time human performance is crucial for resilience in complex and unpredictable situations. To enable optimal human performance at all times, operational workability in the ATM system is key. This means that human performance needs to be addressed integrally and pro-actively, from a safety, operational, change management and competency & proficiency perspective:

Address the role of human perfromance to ensure safety in current and future ATM concepts

Ensure that working operational functions, tasks and work processes fit within the operational reality of ATM

Incorporate the human dimension in the transition to new operational concepts

Human Performance
  Ensure proper competency and proficiency of operational staff aligned with operational and organisational needs

Wat kan MovingDot voor u betekenen?

MovingDot consultants profoundly understand the operational functions and tasks in the ATM system and the (changing) role and characteristics of human performance. MovingDot creates insight in the factors determining optimal human performance in your ATM system and ensuring the required competency and proficiency of operational staff. In this, we take an integral perspective and combined with our experience in ANSP organizational business processes, this results in pragmatic advice tailored to your organization. This is leveraged in combination with our knowledge and expertise on workload and fatigue risk management.

MovingDot can assist in various questions with respect to the human dimension in the ATM system. A range of topics in which our MovingDot consultants can help you include, but are not limited to:

  • Incorporate the human perspective in operational concept development (CONOPS).
  • Provide policy and strategy advice on the management of human performance tailored to your operational and organizational needs and ambitions.
  • Assess the impact of ATM system change on human performance, operational functions, work processes and competency profiles
  • Provide policy and strategy advice to improve the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of training and proficiency programmes for operational personnel
  • Assist in the integration of a human performance approach as part of your Safety Management System
  • Advice in automation strategy, principles and considerations tailored to your operation and the role of the human in the ATM system

Example projects

Example projects in which our MovingDot consultants have helped ANSPs and CAAs in the integration of human performance in ATM include:

  • Incorporation of an operational workability perspective in development of concepts of operations for the Dutch Airspace Redesign
  • Functional analysis of the Schiphol Tower ATC tasks and functions for the Knowledge and Development Centre
  • Policy and strategy advice in the examination and training of drone pilots for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport
  • Integration of the human dimension in a business case for the implementation of remote tower operations for a medium-sized ANSP
  • Policy and strategy advice in optimal use of simulators in ATCO training for ATC the Netherlands
  • Provision of an introductory course on human performance in the ATM system for the Maldives CAA and ANSP

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