Since 2017, MovingDot has been active in the field of unmanned operations. Our extensive expertise and experience in “traditional aviation” in combination with the unmanned market requirements of efficient and timely introduction of new unmanned services makes MovingDot the company to support our clients with their strategy for the most effective implementation of unmanned operations. We are here to support you in bridging the gap between ATM and UTM.

Our portfolio in this area is very diverse: from regulatory gap analysis to tailored flight procedures for the deployment of Urban Air Mobility, including workshops about ATM and safety.

How can MovingDot support you?

  • We are experienced at organizing workshops, including:
    • Integration of unmanned operations in the current ATM system
    • Safety applied to unmanned operations
  • We can perform a location and infrastructure assessment for the vertiports
  • We can design vertiports following EASA guidelines
  • We can perform an airspace analysis and develop a Concept of Operations
  • We can perform a regulatory gap analysis for Urban Air Mobility
  • We can design tailored flight procedures for Urban Air Mobility operations
  • We can develop governance- and finance models for the implementation of U-Space
  • We can support you with interaction with local and national authorities
  • We can support ANSPs and airports with development of strategies related to Unmanned Operations