Some examples of topics in which MovingDot can advise and support you are:

  • Complexity- and workload management:
    • Analysis of complexity- and workload in your operation and mitigating strategies to balance workload within your ATM system.
    • Integration of workload- and complexity management in your operation, capacity management and staffing processes.
  • Fatigue risk management (FRM):
    • Development of work time limits and rest minima, tailored to your operation and local rules and in compliance with ICAO and EASA.
    • Optimising rostering and daily watch scheduling to maximise human performance and wellbeing, whilst also accommodating operational needs and flexibility. 
    • Development and implementation of FRM processes within your organisation
  • Human role & technology in new concepts:
    • Incorporation of the human perspective in the concepts of operations (CONOPS) and the transition to new ATM concepts
    • Advice in automation strategy, principles and considerations tailored to your operation and to the role of the human in the ATM system.
    • Impact assessment of ATM system changes on human performance, operational functions, work processes and competency profiles.
  • Human performance & safety:
    • Consideration of human performance as integral part of your safety management processes
    • Fostering a safety culture within your operation
    • Evaluation of human performance and fatigue-related safety and identification of mitigating strategies.

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