Operational workability is about managing complexity of the operation from a human perspective and ensuring optimal human performance in the ATM system.

Complexity in the ATM system is inherent in the ATM system and will cease to exist. Consideration of the human perspective in the operation and new ATM concepts is essential to ensure ATM is operable, resilient and safe. Human performance is vital in the ability to react quick and flexible in complex situations, disruptions and unpredictable events. Early and adequate integration of this human dimension enables operational workability and a smooth and efficient transition to your new operation.

With airspace modernization and increasing predictability, automation and advanced decision support tools in ATM, MovingDot’s consultants consider the perspective of the new role of the human in the ATM system, in which human performance remains vital. At the same time, MovingDot’s consultants have a clear view on what characterizes air traffic controller expertise in managing complexity and providing resilience and operational flexibility inherent in the ATM system.

MovingDot’s consultants have a unique expertise in understanding the characteristics and role of human performance in ATM, the factors determining complexity in the ATM system and how to pro-actively balance and mitigate workload to ensure optimal human performance. In this, we not only take the perspective of traffic handling strategies and competencies, but also the perspective of safety culture and good controllership.

What can MovingDot do for you?

Examples of topics in the field of Operational Workability in which MovingDot can help you are:

  • Incorporating the human perspective in the concepts of operations (CONOPS).
  • Explicating the key performance indicators and critical success factors that determine operational workability in your current operation, changes and/or new operational concepts.
  • Systematic and transparent assessment of operational workability in operational concepts.
  • Developing an automation strategy, principles and considerations tailored to your operation and to the role, strengths and challenges of human performance.
  • Assessment of the impact of ATM system changes on human performance, operational functions and competency profiles.
  • Input for the Human Performance case as part of your safety case.
  • Advice in improving resilience in complex, disrupted and unpredictable situations by addressing human performance.
  • Integration of ‘good controllership’ in the operation as well as development of safety culture and safety awareness in the operational environment.

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