Managing fatigue of operational staff is crucial.

Managing fatigue of operational staff is crucial to Air Navigation Service Providers. Fatigue Risk Management, or FRM, provides structured methods for managing fatigue-related safety risks and optimises human performance and wellbeing in a 24/7 operation.

MovingDot will assist you, ANSPs and Civil Aviation Authorities, with implementing the FRM method that best suits your operational and organisational environment. Our FRM snapshot will provide a quick insight into your starting point and will offer you a clear path to FRM compliance with relevant rules and regulations.

What will MovingDot do for you?

  • Take a snapshot of your status quo with respect to FRM and provide advice on your pathway to solidly integrate FRM in your business.
  • Assist you with successfully implementing the prescriptive approach to FRM: manage fatigue-related risks as part of your existing safety management processes, including adequate scheduling within work time limits and rest minima.
  • Assist you with successfully implementing a performance-based approach to FRM: embed fatigue risk management within your organisation by means of an integral fatigue risk management system.

What will FRM do for you?

  • Safety: Minimise and mitigate safety risks following from fatigue of air traffic controllers.
  • Compliance: Ensure compliance with ICAO and EASA FRM regulation and guidlines.
  • Efficiency: Optimise roster scheduling with operational flexibility within the work time limits.
  • Human performance: Maximise human performance and ensure healthy working conditions for operational staff.