Hospital heliports are an integral part of ensuring trauma patients receive fast and effective medical attention. Some hospitals are located in more densely populated areas, with cities evolving over time and new buildings being raised. Nijmegen is no exemption. Its hospital, Radboudumc, is remodeling its main building affecting the existing flight operations of the heliport. MovingDot worked closely with Radboudumc in the assessment of the impacts on the existing operations and the corresponding regulatory process through an extensive Aeronautical Study.

Radboudumc -a university medical center- conform their masterplan is remodeling its main building previously known as Gebouw S. The new building, which will be named Gebouw A, is located on the West side of the heliport and will have a total of eleven floors to provide the various medical services, reaching a height of 37 m compared to the current 32 m.

With its construction, the existing flight directions (E-W) are affected as Gebouw A constitutes a new penetration of the obstacle limitation surfaces -defined conform ICAO Annex 14- for the westerly direction. These surfaces shall not be penetrated by any obstacle, either existing or new, unless the result of an aeronautical study approved by an appropriate authority determines that the object will not adversely affect the safety of operations of heliports. 

MovingDot worked closely with Radboudumc and the heliport users to assess the impact of the Gebouw A on the existing and preferred flight directions. Multiple stakeholder sessions, regulatory consultations, safely analysis and expert judgment resulted in a new operational concept for the heliport of Radboudumc which not only ensures but also enhances its usability for Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) operations.

Bedankt, mijn complimenten aan jou en je collega’s. Wat een prachtig rapport! Ik ben er trots op. Trots dat we dit samen in zo’n korte tijd hebben kunnen opstellen. En met zoveel positieve energie van alle betrokkenen.

Fedde Dijkstra, Adviseur/kwaliteitsmanager en JCI-coördinator Servicebedrijf van Radboud universitair medisch centrum