ATM Design and Development

MovingDot offers a broad range of support and advice in the (re-)design and implementation of airspace changes, routes and operational procedures as well as integrating technical ATM systems. From high-level strategic plans down to specific controller working instructions, we will work with you and provide customized solutions.


Airspace and Route Design

MovingDot has a proven record of contributing to solving complex air traffic situations. Our operational air traffic control background and experience with flight procedures enable us to offer well-rounded solutions, resulting in strategic and operationally efficient airspace and route designs.

Each design begins with describing the changed ATM system in a Concept of Operations (ConOps). The ConOps specifies what the preconditions, the operational performance and the requirements must be for man, machine and procedures in the changed environment.

We work with certified PANS-OPS designers who convert operational concepts into ICAO compliant instrument flight procedures. This includes conventional procedures as well as Performance Based Navigation procedures (RNAV and RNP). Our designs are converted to charts and descriptions suitable for aeronautical information publications (AIP).


Tower Systems

Tower controllers manage all arriving and departing aircraft predominately based on sight, but benefit greatly from a variety of advanced technical systems aiding them. Through its tower system development processes, MovingDot helps to ensure safe and expeditious airport operations.

With a thorough understanding of the responsibilities and needs of a tower controller, MovingDot can identify the technical systems required to support the controller and how these systems are best integrated. We provide this expertise in cooperation with ATN Nooitgedagt. As such, MovingDot is involved from the design phase through start of construction, renovation or upgrade of the control tower, and the commissioning of the new tower. In close collaboration with the air navigation service provider and the architect, MovingDot ensures that the needs of the air traffic controller are met effectively, and that systems and procedures operate cohesively.

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Airlines & airports

Our knowledge and experience in Air Traffic Services is also of great value to projects where airlines and/or airports are the primary stakeholders. This varies from the application of Mode S/ADS-B/ADS-C systems to implementing new Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ) regulation at airports.

Examples of relevant subjects to which we can effectively contribute are:

  • Research to the advantages and application of communication-, navigation- and surveillance systems
  • Support in implementation of regulations
  • Airside capacity management
  • More efficient use of air traffic routes by airlines

MovingDot participates in the Knowledge and Development Center Mainport Schiphol, a unique collaboration between Schiphol Airport, KLM and ATC the Netherlands.