The Airspace Vision from 2012 needed to be updated.

The Dutch government describes in its Airspace Vision policy document (“Luchtruimvisie”) the vision and strategy on how Dutch airspace should be developed. The accessibility of Schiphol airport, provision of adequate capacity of the Dutch airspace as part of the European network and the requirements on the proficiency of the military pilots must be guaranteed. The Airspace Vision from 2012 needed to be updated because of changed challenges and needs of airspace users and air navigation service providers.

In close cooperation with service providers ATC The Netherlands (LVNL), Eurocontrol Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) and the Dutch Air Force (CLSK), MovingDot developed a new strategy of the ATM system that meets current and future requirements.

In the revised Implementation Agenda of the Airspace Vision it is detailed how the Air Traffic Management system should evolve, enabling the expected traffic growth. MovingDot’s recommendations include improving the connectivity with MUAC’s Free Route Airspace, a redesign of the airspace around Schiphol to allow integration of growth opportunities for Lelystad and Eindhoven airport, and a design of a new military training area. The project showed MovingDot’s commitment in providing tangible results leading to a fully supported decision on the way forward.