A quality and safety plan demonstrates compliance.

National legislation requires that a quality and safety plan demonstrates compliance with the regulatory requirements. The plan should be presented for approval by the Ministry of the transition from the old to the new tower. 

MovingDot, together with DC-ANSP, developed a structured process for a change of the ATM system. The development of the new control tower at Flamingo International Airport in Bonaire was the first to apply the new process.

MovingDot was assigned to take the lead in the project. We organised the identification of technical and operational hazards, determined the risks and coordinated the necessary mitigating measures. Furthermore we drafted the resulting safety/performance case. 

MovingDot also supported DC-ANSP in the interaction with the responsible governmental authorities, i.e. IL&T in the Netherlands and the CAA in Curacao to ascertain the required ministerial approval and a smooth transition from the old to the new operational situation.