Empathetic, eager to learn and always open to help.

Umair is a graduate of the Amsterdam University of Applied Science (AUAS), specialized in Aviation-Engineering. He has worked on different projects with a focus on Research & Development (R&D), Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and Quality assurance (QA).

During his study and graduation research, wherein he researched which type rating training exercises can be transferred from a Full Flight Simulator to a Fixed base flight simulator of the company Multi Pilot Simulations considering the EASA regulations. Umair realized that his strength and interest lays in working together with a project team to solve various aviation problems. Besides this, if there is trouble translating the regulations into practice while making sure that the stakeholders are satisfied, he is up for the challenge! He is sure that he will develop these and other valuable skills at MovingDot as an Air traffic Management Expert.

In his spare time, Umair is always open to play sports, whether it’s football, swimming, padel or squash. You name it, give Umair a call and he will be there! Otherwise you can find him spending quality time with family and friends, enjoying a nice walk in nature or enjoying a nice view. Besides this, he is learning the traditional Arabic language, which is quite a big challenge.