We analysed the current handling of flights in and out of Schiphol.

LVNL manages its performance by closely monitoring the safety, efficiency and environment performance areas. In order to strengthen its efficiency (monitoring), LVNL is looking for parameters that can be used to measure the efficiency of individual flights. KLM in turn is interested in potential improvements in efficiency of its individual flights through the Dutch ATM system. To gain insight in the operational situation, MovingDot, together with To70, analysed the current handling of flights in and out of Schiphol, by looking at 14 specific city pairs with both European and intercontinental destinations. We performed the qualitative assessment of handling of flight with support from its in-house team of operational experts with operational ATC and airport traffic flows background.  The initial  analysis was followed by an effort to quantify the operational variables under multiple environmental conditions such as peak hours, night operations, military areas active, etc.

We delivered a report with information on:

  • Operational improvement options for the different city pairs;
  • A set of performance indicators to measure the flight efficiency of individual arriving and departing flights; and
  • Recommendations for strategic cooperation and flexible use of airspace.