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We performed an evalution for an ILS RWY10 approach based on PANS-OPS criteria.

Zürich Airport currently has three runways (RWYs). RWY14/32 and 16/34 are commonly used. RWY10/28 is only used westward (RWY28) for both take-off and landing. This creates a complex situation, due to the converging nature of the north/south RWYs. The RWY28 operations also have a significant impact on the environment with respect to aircraft noise.Use of RWY10 is limited due to the vicinity of mountain ranges. To assess the feasibility of a more common use of RWY10, it was necessary to first take the ICAO PANS-OPS safety considerations into account. Thereafter, the feasibility from an operational point of view can be considered. As part of this initial evaluation, only the PANS-OPS criteria were considered. This resulted in identification of the protection areas, necessary for an ILS RWY10 approach, as well as the corresponding safe obstacle clearance altitude/height (OCA/OCH).Furthermore, capacity estimates were made and operational potential determined.