PBN (performance-based navigation) procedures cannot be implemented without air traffic controllers. For them, it is important to identify and understand the benefits of the new PBN procedures compared to conventional procedures, in order to accept and facilitate their implementation. 

In the format of a two-day training, our colleagues Akos and Alejandra, in collaboration with ESSP experts, have shared their experiences about PBN implementation and its impact for ATC with a group of twelve air traffic controllers from ENAIRE. Volume II of the PBN Manual (ICAO Doc 9613) lists the ATCo training objectives and has been leading in the provision of this training.

This short, comprehensive and hands on training includes a complete set of operational examples presented by an operational expert together with a flight procedure designer, the perfect combination of theory and practice in one training. We are eager to share our knowledge and experiences with you. Would you like to know more? Contact us: akos.vanderplaat@movingdot.nl