MovingDot Supports the Dutch Airspace Redesign Program Safety Office

The Program Safety Office is a recently initiated addition to the Dutch Airspace Redesign Program (DARP) team. In co-operation with adjacent nations, the DARP aims to implement considerable changes in air traffic operations in the Netherlands. With the foreseen changes spanning multiple ATM providers, and the safety issues that arise in doing so, the added value of the DARP Safety Office is evident.

As part of the safety office, safety experts from MUAC, CLSK and LVNL have begun establishing the work for the overarching safety argument that will be complementary to the tasks of the existing safety management systems. MovingDot is proud to have helped create, and will continue to help shape the safety office, utilising our ATM safety management knowledge and experience to ensure sufficient insights in the safety impacts of the foreseen airspace redesign.