Combining MAGVAR update with an ICAO compliance check

Magnetic variation (MAGVAR) has always been a challenge in aviation, especially for the design and operation of the different instrument flight procedures. Not only instrument flight procedures are affected but also airport signage and runway numbering. ICAO recommends to update the magnetic variation periodically, using the value corresponding to the year of the nearest date of publication that is divisible by 5, i.e. 2015, 2020, etc.

What does it mean for your organization? Published instrument procedures must be updated periodically to avoid discrepancies between aircraft systems and source charts. From an airport perspective, runway designators must be checked and renumbered when applicable.

The MovingDot approach: why not combine this activity with a compliance check of your aeronautical publication and implement the latest relevant ICAO amendments?

For the past few months, our experts have been working together with our partners in the Caribbean region (ANSA, AAA and DC-ANSP) to review and update all their aeronautical publication, enhancing the safety of their procedures. After an initial compliance check, their aeronautical publication (AIP and charts) for Beatrix, Hato and Flamingo Airports have been updated conform the latest ICAO regulations.

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