Working position staffing/capacity plan for DC-ANSP

Required input for one of the subprojects of the DC-ANSP Fatigue Risk Management project was a working position staffing plan. Such a plan provides an overview of the required number of active positions at an ATC unit during the day. In our view such a plan is primarily based on the controller workload as a result of managing the traffic load. This workload is determined by the traffic load, in combination with the characteristics of the ATM system.

MovingDot performed a workload analysis for the ATC Units of DC-ANSP whereby the workload contributing factors were determined in close collaboration with operational experts. These factors, including their effect, was integrated with the flight counts which resulted in a workload heatmap. Such a heatmap provides a good overview of how busy controllers are with execution of their tasks during the day. This heatmap was used to determine daily moments where more or less controllers should be activated to safely handle the traffic. It was also used as justification for some units to apply single person operation during certain parts of the day and/or night.

The workload heatmap was also used to determine the capacity of the ACC and Terminal area, as capacity values were derived from current practice and from the moments at which the configuration of the unit changes. This provided capacity values for the various configurations.