MovingDot provides support to DC-ANSP to comply with Fatigue Risk Management regulation

MovingDot, the Dutch Air Traffic Management consultancy company with specialist knowledge on Human Performance in ATM has announced that a contract has been awarded to support Dutch Caribbean Air Navigation Service Provider (DC-ANSP) with further implementation of its safety management system to include FRM principles within the air traffic control services. MovingDot will perform this project together with Déhora Consultancy Group, the leading specialist in the area of workforce planning and management.

In order to comply with International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) requirements on fatigue risk management (FRM), DC-ANSP is further implementing its safety management system (SMS) and operational procedures to include FRM principles within the air traffic control services (ATCS). Managing fatigue risks in work schedules and daily operation in air traffic management (ATM) is essential to ensure both safety of operations as well as providing optimal rosters in which personnel can perform at an adequate level of alertness.

Managing fatigue of operational staff is crucial to ANSPs, FRM provides structured methods for managing fatigue-related safety risks and ensures optimal human performance and wellbeing in a 24/7 operation. Relevant ICAO regulations in Annex 11 (and Doc 9966, effective since November 6th, 2020), require that fatigue management is incorporated in local regulations in the provision of air navigation services, and to ensure that air navigation service providers (ANSPs) comply with these regulations and manage fatigue related safety risks as part of their SMS or as a separate management system.  

Last year, MovingDot launched an FRM snapshot for ANSPs, which provides a quick insight in the status quo of fatigue management in current (best) practice in light of the requirements from the prescriptive approach. Within a short timeframe of six weeks – in close cooperation with DC-ANSP – MovingDot provided a quick scan of DC-ANSPs existing operational and organisational practices and documentation for the management of fatigue related risks in rostering and the incorporation of fatigue management as part of the existing SMS. This included a step wise approach for DC-ANSP to prove compliance with ICAO regulation as well as further implement FRM in line with DC-ANSPs ambitions.

MovingDot and Déhora Consultancy Group are looking forward to work closely together with DC-ANSP on the further implementation of fatigue risk management for all operational ATC units as well as the ATS Reporting Office (ARO) unit. The project will focus on the assessment of fatigue related risks.

Compliance, following from implementation of relevant ICAO regulations, will contribute to DC-ANSPs ambition to be one of the leading ANSPs in the LAT/CAR Region.

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