Experienced project manager with a passion for air traffic management.

Michel is a proactive, result oriented experienced organizer, with a passion for Air Traffic Management (ATM). He has a solid understanding of the intricate socio-political aspects that often make large technical projects seemingly complex. Managing multiple projects simultaneously, he is known to skilfully balance the various customer priorities and needs. In his free time, Michel is a talented scuba diver, reflective of his diligence and skilled determination.

For many years Michel was employed by the Spanish air traffic control organization in Madrid, Spain, allowing him to cultivate the experiences that come from working in an international ATM environment. Michel´s strong track record in managing and executing projects, more recently include projects for Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL), Skyguide and Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (Rijkswaterstaat). He also has extensive practical knowledge of flight procedure and airspace design through PANS OPS  procedure development.

Michel’s strong analytical and structured approach as well as his aptitude for cultural difference routinely impress his MovingDot customers.