Keen insight into the performance of the ATM operation and organization.

Fredrik is a likeable all-rounder with leadership qualities and in-depth insight in understanding the Air Traffic Management process united in one person. To be able to analyse and understand the complex air traffic operational performance is not easy, but it is a topic in which Fredrik feels more than comfortable with. At the same time Fredrik’s quality is the ability to lead international projects and to bring them to their desired result.

Fredrik has his start in biology and the medical world where he was responsible for research & development teams and product development. His move to the world of air traffic control at LVNL gave a follow-up to his analytical thinking and his attention bringing safety in practice. Starting as concepts expert and later performance expert it was Fredrik’s job to guard and develop LVNL’s operational and organisational performance. On the level of LVNL internal stakeholders as well as externally on EU level. Phlegmatic, amiable, practical and internationally respected.