Optimise human performance and increase the effectiveness of organisational processes using an integral and systemic approach.

Human performance management in ATM is critical to ensure operational safety and efficiency as well as to establish effective organisational processes. Moreover, MovingDot strongly believes that pro-active alignment of business processes in the domain of human performance (e.g.  staffing, proficiency, training, change management) with operational requirements and needs is vital for any ANSP. It has to be able to staff the ATM system efficiently and effectively at any time with a qualified and proficient operational workforce.

MovingDot has extensive experience with ANSP business processes and policies that are essential to robust and efficient management of human performance including appropriate training processes. MovingDot has a broad view on best practices and challenges in the management of human performance in the ATM sector. Moreover, as an active member of CANSO‚Äôs Human Performance Management Working Group, MovingDot contributes to establishing a pragmatic approach and roadmap for Human Performance Management within ANSPs.  

What can MovingDot do for you?

Examples of topics in the field of Human Performance Management with which MovingDot can help you are:

  • Policy & strategy advice on Human Performance Management tailored to your operational and organisational ambitions and needs.
  • Assessment of your human performance management processes and practices in light of the CANSO Standard of Excellence in Human Performance Management.
  • Policy and strategy advice to increase the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of training programmes and management of proficiency (recency) of your operational staff.
  • Support in the integration of the human perspective as part of the Safety Management Systems, including assistance in the development of safety culture.

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