Safety Management Systems

MovingDot’s experts have been working with safety management systems on managerial as well as operational level, supporting Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), airport operations, and Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs).

Our work has led to the development of example Safety Policies and templates for the set up and description of your safety management processes as well as change management. Together with you, we customize these to serve your specific requirements and needs. To facilitate the identification of development or refinement needs of your SMS, MovingDot created SMS configurator.

Additionally, MovingDot experts can provide Integral Quality Management system support and assist you in structuring the process for significant changes in your airspace and route structure, operational procedures and technical ATM systems. Again, we have a draft available to you as a basis for structuring your change management. Corresponding Safety Assessments support is also available.

 Examples of products and services we offer:

  • Safety policy
  • Safety Management process development
  • Change ATM system’s process
  • Safety cases
  • Safety incident investigation and Safety survey processes