System-support environment requirements

The Dutch airspace vision states the governments ambitions for the development of the airspace in the Netherlands.  One integral part is de development of Lelystad airport from a local airport serving recreational and training flights to an airport for commercial airline traffic.  This necessitates development of ATC Aerodrome Control Services including a fully functioning ATC tower at Lelystad airport.  MovingDot, together with ADSE, developed the system-support environment requirements for the ATC tower, including the environmental requirements in the operational rooms.  A number of environmental specifications where set up, including climate control (temperature and humidity), noise levels, visibility limits, and sun & glare protection.  Additionally, the associated requirements on the physical structure were also developed, including specifications for power supply, data & information technology, cables, water, emergency power supply, fire and emergency facilities, lightening protection, and protective grounding of power and ITC equipment. 

MovingDot was assigned the lead in the project. We organised the identification of the technical and ATC requirements from the ATC perspective.  With ADSE we drafted the requirements document for LVNL. 

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