FABEC Airspace Redesign: Implementation Package Luxembourg

The Functional Airspace Block Europe Central (FABEC) is a cooperative of six states and seven air navigation service providers (ANSPs) set up to comply with the Single European Sky (SES) framework of the European Commission (EC). The FABEC partners work together to deliver a performance-based air transport route network through much of Europe´s busy airspace.  The immense traffic demand combined with the complex European airspace traffic flows can result in severe delays in the air route system and re-routing of many aircraft on longer routes. 

The airspace near Diekirch (Luxembourg) – primarily controlled by the Eurocontrol Maastricht Upper Area Control centre (MUAC) – is a particularly challenging area with many flow-, route and operational interactions with adjacent centres in Germany, Belgium, France and Luxembourg.

The current airspace complexity already limits capacity and is sought to be redesigned to allow for future growth. Concurrently, the airspace required adaptation to accommodate new concepts like the Point Merge system for Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) arrivals and the creation of new military Cross-border training areas (CBAs).

MovingDot was instrumental in bringing together the seven ANSP’s (4 civil and 3 military organisations) in order to identify the most challenging problems and develop (operational and political) recommended ways forward. Our ability to work with all management levels, in combination with our operational and analytical competences, proved crucial in the development of tangible possible solutions.

Unfortunately, the FABEC CEO’s decided to a premature halt of the initiative and decide upon the political consequences of changes necessary

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