Compliance check of Area Control Operations Manual with ICAO and EU SERA regulations

LVNL is required to demonstrate compliance of its operations with applicable Dutch law and regulations. This includes adhering to ATM standards set forth in ICAO and EU documents pertaining to the provision of air traffic services. Verifying compliance requires the systematic review of investigating processes, practises and documentation associated with the various aspects of providing ATC services as well as the underlying organizational structure. The Area Control (ACC) Operations Manual was considered a key documents in this context. The documents used for the compliance verification were ICAO doc 4444, ICAO Annexes 2, 10 and 11 and EU publication 923/2012 (SERA A and B).

We assessed in a systematic manner the discrepancies between the LVNL document standards and practices with the required standards and practises set forth in ICAO and EU documentation. Where compliance was identified, relevant references were added for future use. If discrepancies were found, either suggestions for amendments were captured or the contradiction was documented for further management decisions - or both.

MovingDot performed the assessment in close co-operation with experts from the LVNL Procedures department to ensure a thorough review aimed at raising the level of compliance of the Operations Manual to broader international standards.

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