Policy Development

Striving for a functional imitation of US airspace structure and governance, European authorities issued directives to construct a united airspace, step by step, based on standardized technology, procedures and regulation. Functional Airspace Blocks, SESAR and EASA’s second pillar are the foundation to work from. National policy and authorities must be correctly balanced not to interfere with these higher goals. For EU neighbouring countries tremendous pressure is felt not to fall behind; airline networks and route systems must be kept operative.

In this rapidly growing complex mix of operational and policy requirements, public authorities are faced with providing crystal clear directives and policy frameworks. It is in this area where you can call upon the vast governance and technological expertise of the MovingDot professionals. We know how the ‘system’ works, whom to address, where to find the correct information and commitment to proceed. The combination of our long standing executive management experience in an operational world makes the difference.