Know why

The Air Traffic Management system changes at a very low pace, or so it seems. To uphold the highest safety level achievable, the air transport industry commits itself to very strict procedures when introducing new systems, procedures or air routes.

The ATC organisations are under great pressure, introducing for example, Continuous Descent Operations or Precision Area Navigation (P-RNAV) procedures in highly dense airspace. However, innovative, creative solutions are needed to avoid collateral negative side effects like increased operational complexity.

Air Traffic Control is serious business. It is a complex system where organisations continuously balance economic, environmental and safety requirements and other needs of the airspace users, government and local residents: being closely watched by the national and international regulators, ATC organisations adhere to very high safety standards and requirements, a continuously changing meteorological environment forces controllers to quickly respond to changed conditions while managing traffic, a complex training system keeps controllers on top of new regulations and technology.

The MovingDot experts know this world. It is highly interrelated and requirements or changes cannot be judged in isolation. This is the experience of MovingDot experts in the field!