Know who

Air Transport is international, global. Governments and organisations have continuous cross border relationships that tend to become even more interrelated. For instance, the Functional Airspace Block directive of the European Commission requires this. When working in this domain it is a prerequisite to know and be part of a vast international network of people. The professionals at MovingDot have contacts ranging from executive management to experts in all parts of organisations in the field of air transport, worldwide.

It is our strength to mobilize this network and its expertise when necessary, while working on your ATM problem or study. It provides the possibility for a larger solution and a larger commitment to a solution which additionally is internationally acknowledged and accepted by your organisation.

In the event that we ourselves simply don’t know how, we still solve your problem by calling upon our network of experts. It is all included in the MovingDot approach so that you don’t have to worry. With MovingDot being your primary interface, you are assured delivery of the right results.